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      So while taking classes, it can be very difficult to find the time for sitting down at the loom for a few hours to get a project well under way.  I absolutely must have some type of creative time and knitting is my next in line ‘go to’.  It’s portable, usually light weight, and I don’t need to buy anything.  It’s all right here, accumulated over years of splurge purchases.  Here’s a look at what’s been created!

This first little pink loopy small triangular shawl is from Martina Behm.  It’s called Miss Winkle apparently a reference to The Big Bang Theory and she has a great little blurb about it on her website that you can see by clicking here.  I used Miss Bab’s Yummy 2-Ply in Deep Sea Jellyfish because I wanted to stand on line for over an hour at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival.  No really, that’s a real thing I wanted to do...and I did it!  You can find her gorgeous color ways online by clicking here

Then there is always crochet!  One of the girls I work with spends most of her spare time being a referee for her two daughters and can’t seem to find the time for creating.  She offered to provide the yarn and pattern so how in the world could I resist?!  The name of the pattern is Secret Paths and can be found here.  My friend provided a variety of cotton in various beautiful shades and told me just to ‘do it however’.  

Finally, how about a good ol’ pair of socks?!  The Lord knows I won’t need to buy any sock yarn until I’m in my early 80’s.  :)  There are so many wonderful free patterns on Ravelry and my queue has surpassed three pages.  So many sock patterns to choose from!  This particular pattern is called Zigzagular Socks by Susie White and is available on Ravelry.  You can see her website by clicking here.  I remember buying this yarn at The White Barn in Gardniner NY but, it was made by Into The Whirled and you can access their website by clicking here.   

      So, in a nutshell, that’s what happens when I can’t get to the loom and there are probably another four or five projects I could add to the list but these were the easiest.  I’ve had some trouble with Blogger in the past erasing all of what I’ve typed and then auto saving before I can go back and retrieve what I’ve lost.  To say the least, it can be very frustrating.  I’ve downloaded the Blogger app onto my phone to try to add photos easier and I’m typing this on my iPad so I don’t accidentally hit the finger/mousepad thingy and erase.  So far so good.  I feel a little more confident about posting.  I go through all of this with no boo boo’s!  I guess I’ll be back soon.  Be well!  


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