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Site Revamp!

I'm revamping the site! Woo hoo ! Perhaps I just might actually DO those New Year's Resolutions! :D We'll see if that big white board with the LIST of resolutions passes the test:) The plan is to get the website up to speed (um yeah....I think it's been about two years since I've updated much). I've removed outdated pages with processes that I no longer use and replaced some of the other older pages with current information, larger pictures, and external pages so that you're not delivered to another part of cyberspace with no hope of return:) I'm also working with a new designer for my new business cards, banner, hang tags, and all that jazz with the new look since the company I used to use no longer prints custom work. So.....for the next few days I'll be uploading pictures to the yarn sections and hopefully..........hopefully......hopefully, I can get some pictures taken of recent work and get the hand woven section up to par as well. So..