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Festive Runners or Runners for Festivities?

     In the last post, I shared about how I’m working through the stash of yarn that I’ve accumulated over the years.  Ok, maybe it was the last few posts that I spoke of this.  I used to weave tons of table mats and had a bunch of 3/2 cotton on the yarn tree.  It’s super thick and soft so weaving with this to ‘get rid’ of it shouldn’t take too long.  I have a bunch of colors and had originally wanted to weave another run of towels but, by the time I was counting out the warp ends, it spoke differently to me.  Runners! This is what’s left of the 3/2 and the color selection lay out.     This is the first warp chain.  There were a couple of white and grey ends on both sides for a type of border. The second chain is much more colorful! From the front of the loom through the shafts.  I’m very careful to count how many heddles I need and then separating them from the rest.  What’s that saying?  Measure twice, cut once!  There’s nothing worse than taking all kinds of time to get a project un

Spring Green Towels in 10/2

     So I wove this run of towels in May and haven’t posted them yet because I’ve been weaving up a storm!  Seriously wove through the remainder of my 10/2 cotton.....but, more about that in a later post.  This first picture is obviously the hemming process and I always love the way the light from the sewing machine spotlights what is being sewn.  So, this how this all started.  I had a ton of 10/2 cotton left over from weaving napkins years ago and I have taken a personal vow to not purchase any more yarn until there is a serious dent in the yarn tree.  What is there is simply what I have to work with.  Colors and all.   This warp was roughly 630 ends at about 7 yards long.  I counted out the ends in three chains and this was the absolute last warp that I was going to count out on my current warping board.  I made it about 15 years ago and it has stood the test of time. The next improvement that I’ll make to my Glimakra Ideal is a new raddle but again