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Rainbow Creme

The silk hankies in one of my previous posts spun up beautifully. The colors were pastel like and very much like sorbet. Mmmmm . The final result was varied in the spun silk because I knew I wanted my finished yarn to have a lot of texture when knit up.....I just love that. Some spots were thread thin and other spots were lace weight, the whole kit and ka -boodle was plied with a tencel merino blend. It has a lot of luster and once knit up, the final product would be sure to have fabulous drape. Well, here she is, Rainbow Creme 166 yards dk weight:

A New Toy

Saturday my son and I were supposed to go to the church picnic but, it was called off because of the rain. Well, what better to do than attend a Quilt Show?!?! We drove out to Pine Bush and stopped in for a bagel and lots of fabric and fun nifty notions. I did not intend to purchase anything but, from across the show I could see some Indian fabric that was block printed with vegetable dyes (I know because I own WAY TOO much of this's my fave!!!). I quickly made my way over to that booth to see what was there. I was looking and feeling all of the fabrics when I happened to look down and see what?!?!?!?! Printing blocks!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Now I was in surface design heaven!!! Well, I purchased a small paisley block and am planning on doing 'something' with it with my handwovens . The woman who ran the booth and I talked for a few minutes, that was a blast!!! Here is a picture of the block: Isn't that awesome?!?!?!?! I also got a chance to finish another shibo

Silk...oh silk...yeah silk!!!

Why is it that silk has that ring to it? When someone says silk you automatically think "Oh that must be really nice!". :) Last year at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, I purchased some silk hankies intending to dye them and spin with them. Well, that was nearly a year ago and I finally got to dyeing them today. I have no idea why I waited so long!!! It's true, the hankies take color just like superwash merino.....sucked it right up. The colors were vibrant, just the effect I was looking for. The last set of scarves are off the loom as well and I have been twisting fringe here and there. The fiber inventory was low so I used today to dye some fiber........truth be told, these hankies were a real treat. I think I'll be working with them a lot more:)

Art In The Park Show

Saturday we did a show in Walker Valley, New York at the local park for the first annual Art in the Park. The weather held out and although it was hot in the morning, by early afternoon it cooled off. The foot traffic was light but steady and considering that traffic, I didn't do half bad:) Here are some pictures of the booth set up. This one below is of the scarf rack which did eventually end up under the canopy. This picture is of the table with a mirror out. In the past I had used a full length mirror but, this smaller one is much more economical. This picture is also where I realized that I was in the picture. My oh my. Is that Chrissy working hard on replacing ties on yarn while I'm fooling around? Yes! I think that is Chrissy replacing ties on yarn while I'm fooling around! Finally here is the final addition to the warp that I have been working on. Three scarves in tencel . For this one I used black in the weft so that the pattern is seen when the light hits it jus

Back in Full Swing

I love when a project goes smooth sailing. I just wove a scarf in no time, no distractions.....just me and the cloth. I got lost in my thoughts and before I knew it, I wove 70". Sweet. I used a charcoal for the warp and am using a fools gold color for the weft. I recently used some rayon in a project and it made me realize why I love tencel so much. The drape is fabulous and the luster makes it even better. These scarves are 100% tencel. This next one has a feathery look. The same tie up is used just different treadling.

Studio Complete....kinda;)

Well, the final coat of white paint has been applied, the painters tape removed, and the furniture, loom, and other do -dads put back in place.....somewhat. These pictures seem a little dreary because I took them at night. I was so amazed at how big the room looks now....there seems to be so much more functional workspace with the closet out. Although there are some little things that could be done to make it look better, my original plan was to work with what I had. Eventually the room will be gutted then sheet rocked , but for now, I'm really happy with the results......I honestly don't know how temporary (or permanent)they are. The new computer nook is great. The Diana will go in the empty space between the computer and loom. I'll be picking her up in October!!!!! I can't wait!!! This towel is handwoven using a network twill pattern. I have been 'playing' with color a little more (or at least trying to) since I'm such a black and brown kinda gal. All o