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Awards :)

Wow! I have to say that blogging is fun for me for two reasons. I can read others and get VERY inspired and I can share what I'm doing. I have been tagged from two bloggers , Peg in South Carolina and Kimberly for the Creative Blogger award! Thanks gals!!!! So, what I have to do is this: 1) copy the Kreativ Blogger award to your blog 2) put a link to the person from whom you received the award 3) nominate 8 other blogs and 4) link to them 5) then leave a message on the blogs you nominated 1) Skiingweaver 2) Alpaca Granny 3) Crazy as a loom 4) Sherry Woodard Coffey I hope you all don't mind but, most of the folks blogs that I read have already been tagged;)

Bookmark Exchange Part II

Well, after some playing with the two threads together, I've come up with a way to make the two threads (20/2 tencel and a metallic filament) work together nicely for the selvages . I took two an empty bobbin from a spool of metallic filament and used it as a bobbin for the 20/2 since two bobbins fit nicely on my shuttle. The ends of the bobbins expand slightly so that I could get them both to fit snugly but, still have room to roll freely. After I throw the shuttle, I gently place my index finger on the bobbin with the 20/2 tencel on it and that has helped solve the selvage problem almost to the T! I'm much happier with the result on these past few bookmarks. This project is taking some time for a couple of reasons. First, when I start to weave.....there seems to be everything in the world is ringing or buzzing or needing something. Funny how that works out:) The second reason is getting Diana up and running. I have come to the conclusion that Diana is not going t

Award from Leigh:)

I was tagged with an award from Leigh. See her wonderful blog here . Basically I have to do two things: 1) List 5 addictions 2) Tag 5 other bloggers to do the same........aren't these always so much fun? Ok....I've decided to put mine in order of 'most addicitve' 1) The Word.......I can't get enough of it......seriously!!! 2) Designing and Weaving fabric. These go hand in hand for me. 3) Spinning yarn!!! 4) Research on the computer.......this thing has ENDLESS information and fun stuff!!! 5) Ice Cream.......Chocloate Peanut Butter Cup from Stewarts.......probably an addiction I could do without:) for my 'tagging' 1) Skiingweaver - Hey you silly snow chick! 2) Sherry Woodard Coffee - wonderful tapestry weaver 3) Woven -n-Spun - who is probably cranking socks out by the minute!!! 4) In Stitches - always an adventure!!! 5) Dot's Fiber to Fabric - check out what she can do with sock yarn!!!!

All That And A Bag Of Chips!

I have to laugh because Isaac is everything..........I mean EVERYTHING AND THEN SOME of what I was told. This loom is smooth in every way imaginable . I'm amazed at how it works. I've been throwing a pick (or in the case of my current bookmark project..'passing the shuttle') then looking to see how everything is moving and cooperating. I love works.....I'm happy!!! I'm working on the bookmarks for the swap exchange and have to thank everyone who wrote about the dye. I'm going to try using soda ash before adding the dye and salt in the next batch The blue in the weft is working out great for the bookmarks. The theme for the exchange was sparkle so, I chose four different metallic filament threads. The only issue that I'm having with these threads are my selvages . I first ran with two go......then I tried both the filament and the weft thread on the bobbin together. This is working a little better but, I can only p

Bookmark Colors

Last night I dyed some 20/2 tencel with what I thought was going to be cobalt blue. I did not get cobalt blue. I'm not sure if it's just me but, I can't seem to get bold vibrant colors with fiber reactive dyes. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.....if anyone knows of some tips, I would really love to hear them. I soaked the yarn, mixed the salt and dye in a solution, added it to the yarn, let it sit for about 30 minutes or so stirring occasionally, then added the dissolved soda ash. Usually I would have called it a day after about an hour but, I let it set like that overnight. The water wasn't clear in the morning although I could see that some of it had been drawn into the fiber. I'm not sure if it's like the heat set dyes I'm so used to with wool......I think I would just really really really like to dye all of my own yarn......all in due time, I guess. Well, either way....the color works for me and I'm planning on running a filament along with it

Bookmark Exchange

I'm really excited about threading Isaac for this bookmark exchange. All of the heddles are on and he works like a to weave! I have come up with a pattern for the bookmark using all 32 shafts. I thought it would be a great first project. I've been reading Bonnie Inouye's book, Exploring Multi Shaft Design and have come up with the 'tie up' using the method in the first chapter of the book. I tend to do things like studies in bits and pieces so, since I don't sit down at 7am and work until 5pm, it's hard to get in a 'days work' and study. Usually I get 3 hours here 2 hours there......which means at least a half hour of review:) So, this study has taken a while and I'm thrilled to finally see the first chapter manifest in this project. I'm going to use 20/2 tencel for the warp in white and I'm going to dye the weft in a royal blue. As for Diana, the entire top or 'guts' is going to be replaced by Leclerc . If

Diana Knife/Hammer Action II

This is hillarious because I'm trying to record the hammer/knife action on Diana and you can clearly hear Jeremiah.....who, might I add, is not locked in a room.....he is playing a video game and is calling me because he cannot find all of the Scooby snacks in the game. I set everything up then ran to take this video....he is right in the next room. (You can see why I can't weave while his is up:) Right when I show where the screw is, you can hear him 'whistle' for me.....this consists of a high pitch sound and is how Jeremiah figured he could get my attention. It is how I call the dog:)