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Felted Bowls.

Okay okay I know I'm not supposed to have these on here because they will be in the Fall edition of Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio's Newsletter but, I couldn't help myself. :) I spun some of the farm's 3rd cuts into a bulky weight yarn and knit them into a bowl or hat shape and threw that bad boy into the washer a viola!!! Felted bowl. It's really cool. I love it!!! The sashes were beaded and twisted last night and the table mats are all separated and need to be hemmed. I can't wait to get the pictures up. Up next, kitchen/bath towels in shades of purple. Mmmmmm!!!

More Sashes

I get excited when I get an order in for something even if it just a simple twill sash. When I know who it is for or I have met the person, it makes it even better because then I can slightly incorporate their personality or style into the piece. So, here it is.....the sash.....oh and I might want to mention that I did not warp back to front. :) I have to make a raddle.....someday:)

Yes.....I'm still here:)

The next issue of the newsletter is looking great. We have been working on the last finishing touches and we should be ready to rock and roll and get it out on time. I was really hoping to introduce weaving into this issue but, it looks like the next issue will have to be the first. I promise.....once it's in, it's in:) I'm so tempted to write about some of the stuff in there but, I won't spoil it. With the end of the quarter drawing near, I have not had a chance to really work on the table mats until last night and have decided to change the monk's belt portion of the pattern by doubling up the 8/2 cotton. It looks ten times better. I'm hoping to have them off of the loom tonight. I have another order for a sash and I'm thinking that I'm going to use that sash to warp back to front to break out of my 'weaver's rut'. With, of course, the hopes of full documentation for the blog. Should be a blast. Here is a picture of the doubled 8/2.

Busy? Wow!

We are nearing the end of the quarter and the Summer issue of the newsletter will be out soon!!! Hooray!!! Community Day was an absolute blast!!! We met a lot of really great people, the demonstrations went awesome, and I got a tan:) I'm finding that there are many different types of markets out there (obviously) and I'm really looking forward to experiencing them and finding my niche. All in all words cannot describe how wonderful of a day it was. Peace.....ahhhh. Monday we hoped into the truck and drove to MA to pick up a new loom for the studio. We got a chance to meet Tom Beaudet from Leclerc. What an honor. When I told him that I owned a Voyager, he remarked on how he had designed the loom. My jaw, as well as Urs's, hit the floor while Jaime elbowed Urs (she had no idea what we were talking about....she's a knitter;). We had met 'the man' when it comes to looms, as far as I'm concered. As soon as I got back I ran to the studio and looked on the back of

Ahhhhhh....the sigh of relief

I just finished the inventory for Community Day tomorrow. Ahhhhhhh. I have pretty much been up until 1am every day this week. How exhausting is that?!?!? You know what they say, preparation is the key.....or is that presentation is everything? :P Either way. It's done!!! Hooray!!! I'm going through spinning and weaving withdrawl. Also, here is a picture of the sashes hanging to dry. The second and fourth in from the right as well as the first on the left are the ones from the blog below. I also have some finnish twill scarves in turquoise and brown. Well, off to a good night sleep for tomorrow. :)

Fringe Twisting Frenzy

It all started with last night.......twisting twisting twisting. This is what happens when I save all of the twisting the fringe for one night, something I don't see myself doing again:) A total of 8 sashes and 4 scarves. The sashes were 16 twists each and the scarves were 32. That's a total of 256!!! (If my math is right;) I saved the last four for tonight and they are all done, wet finished, and hanging on the racks by an open window as opposed to the normal next to the fire since the weather is nice. Phew!!! Check that one off the list. I do not have finished pictures of the sashes mentioned earlier in the blog, I will have some shortly, but I do have some of a plain blue and white sash. Before I pop this picture up.....there is a little story...... I was looking around for someone to be a model for the sashes. It wasn't a big deal to get the picture done right away so, I kind of sat on the idea not rushing it. Every time that was opportune, I didn't bring the camera

Community Day

I cannot begin to explain how much planning has been going into Community Day on Saturday, we are really looking forward to it. Community Day is being held at Christian Faith Fellowship Family Church in Middletown on M&M Road on Saturday May 12th. Starting off the day there will be a bike blessing and then at noon starts the outdoor flea market with over 50 vendors with all different types of items. There will be food vendors and plenty of stuff for the kids to do (blow up jumpie thingys:) and an antique car show!!! It all ends at 4pm; loads of fun!!! Everyone is invited, it's a day for the community. So, if you are local, pop out to the table and say hello to Ursula and I. We would be happy to meet you. I am planning on doing some spinning demonstrations but, that will all depend on how busy we are:) Oh yeah, the sashes are off of the I have to get the waffle weave scarves off of the table loom and I can play with that super skinny tencel/silk:) If only I didn&

Sashes in progress.

I started to weave the sashes. Just a plain twill which really gives the finished product a very tweedy look. For the second set I am using a white weft and changing the treadeling to 1-2-3-4-3-2-repeat. It gives a different look using the same warp and a more 'springy' feel to it. Again, this project, as with all of the other billions of scarves/sashes, is pretty much to play with the colors:) It has really been eye opening to the possibilies (which, of course, are endless) and interesting on what the colors do when they are woven together.

30/2 and breaking out of the 'weavers rut'

A little over a year ago I purchased over 10 lbs of tencel/silk blend 30/2 yarn. Yeah, more like thread. Every once in a while I take it out and look at it trying to figure out what in the world I'm going to do with it. Well, I have pretty much decided to give it a whirl.....I mean what can it hurt? I will just be gaining knowledge and experience, right? I have worked with fine thread before but, nothing like this stuff. I have to say that I am a little nervous and was, at first, a little hesitant at learning something new. I have been warned of the 'weaver's rut' and do NOT want to get myself in that category. I posted some questions about the 'weaver's rut' (when you do only what you do because it's the only way:) and working with the 30/2 thread on one of the groups that I belong to to see if anyone would like to help me out with it. Margaret from Heritage Yarns was kind enough to offer to help me out with warping back to front. (Thanks a bunch!!!) So

The Master List keeps getting longer.

It's always a sense of accomplishment when I can x off another finished project from The Master List. I tend to keep the list not only for current projects but, projects that are digging under my skin. It's rare that one does not manifest from the list and even more seldom that one does without making it to the list. I recently got commissioned (most of us 'crafty folk' get commissioned a lot) to make a sash. I quickly hopped on the project........needless to say, I'm up to my eyeballs in sashes. I have been working them in rayon and the dyeing process has been the funnest part. (Is funnest a word? It looks funny. No pun intended.) Color inspiration is sometimes a challange for me. I tend to pick colors that don't go together on purpose. Mojelika has been a very big inspiration to me since the color combinations seem to not go together, yet go together. Turquoise, sage, brown, and gold for example made a darling set of towels. Anyhoo, I counted the en

Well, here we go

I'm up way too late for this:) I've been thinking about a blog for a while, a place to document the 'current projects' that we recently removed from the website. Here it is. I hope to bring some colorful pictures and great stories of what is going on behind the scenes at Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio. For now.......good night:)