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Woo Hoo!!!

Here are my conies!:) They need just a little work on the bottom most portion of the cone. The pattern that I'm using for these cones is a 3/1 twill......kind of a summer/winter idea. The two pictures below are showing the front and the back of the fabric;) I'm so excited to get them started that that's all for my post;)

Pine cones, Gingerbread Men, Maple Leaves, ?

I was asked if I can weave pine cones onto towels by a very influential woman of God in my life. Of course, I said "Yeah! Sure!". Knowing full well that with a little bit of research and effort, I would be able to weave just about any image out there with a 3/1 twill. Well, I think I have what I'm looking for. These are screen shots of the front and back of the image. So....I was wondering.......what do you think? Does it look like a pine cone ? I have the loom beamed, as of last night, in a point twill 1-32 and am planning on a natural cotton with a band on either side of the towel with a strip of pine cones . Since I put enough on the loom for four sets of two, I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and make my mother-in-law a set of gingerbread men towels for her kitchen. She's a little obsessed with gingerbread's her kitchen theme that has spilled into the dinning room and living room :) Gotta love her!!! That leaves (ha ha ha sounds like a

Hoe-Down for Hospice!

Hello all!!! Today Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio will be at the Hoe-Down for Hospice in Walden New York. If you would like to come out, please stop by the tent and say hello:) My Saddle Brook Farm Presents: Hoe-Down for Hospice Sunday June 14th 2009 rain or shine more than 50 vendors arts and crafts horse shows/dressage hand made jewelry/pottery petting zoo/pony rides and much, much more $8 admission for adults $4 for children 5-12/children under 5 are free $22 family package for up to 6 people All proceeds go to $5 admission for senior citizens (65 or over) Community Hospice of Bergen County (a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization) with the support of Hospice of Orange & Sullivan County My Saddle Brook Farm ( 163 Berea Road - Walden, New York 12586 Or call 1-845-778-3420 for more information

Crankin Right Along:)

I'm happy to say that the alpaca/silk scarves are wet finished, dried, pressed and labeled! I'm really happy with my first set of 'men's' scarves and have an appointment to torture someone as a model......:) Currently hanging on the drying rack are the Waves and Water Shawls. I cannot wait to post pictures of those bad boys!!! I finished twisting the fringe on the black weft and brought it outside to take a look at it in the sun. I almost passed out!!! It's beautiful!!! I just love that tencel fiber, it really shines and shows off the structure:) That leads me to my next point..... crankin right along. I have stayed away from silk in my weaving. Today, I started weaving some huck lace scarves in 8/2 silk and have now found that my new favorite fiber to weave with is silk! I think I may have been staying away from it knowing that it would take me captive to it's softness and sheen! I'm in love!!! I have finished 2 1/2 of the 3 huck lace scarves. One i

Ye Ha!!!

The Waves and Water Shawls are off the loom!!! Hooray!!! :) I think this one is my fave!!! :) One with black weft, one with purple, this is the one with green!!! Now to twist that fringe:)