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Forever and Three Days

Somebody gets a big fat F for summer blog keeping........and it's me!!! Summer has been an absolute blast!!! There were some serious real down lows but, the up high highs couldn't be better!!! We spent the better part of August on vacation since I'm pretty sure this is my 'last summer of freedom'. Hampton Beach Maine was our first fun stop with the in laws and cousins. We had a great time!!! This was the first time Jeremiah has ever seen the ocean and I really should have taped it! It was hot out yet still a little foggy. We all took off our shoes and stepped onto the sand. Jeremiah says, "Oh wow, Mom! That's dirt!" I explained that it was sand and he responded with an "Oh!". He then looked up and pointed at the ocean and said "And a big pool!!!!" The newness is so fun to watch, that's for sure!!! Here's a picture of the excitement! At the end of August we spent a week at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire for our very first