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Forever and Three Days

Somebody gets a big fat F for summer blog keeping........and it's me!!!
Summer has been an absolute blast!!! There were some serious real down lows but, the up high highs couldn't be better!!! We spent the better part of August on vacation since I'm pretty sure this is my 'last summer of freedom'. Hampton Beach Maine was our first fun stop with the in laws and cousins. We had a great time!!! This was the first time Jeremiah has ever seen the ocean and I really should have taped it! It was hot out yet still a little foggy. We all took off our shoes and stepped onto the sand. Jeremiah says, "Oh wow, Mom! That's dirt!" I explained that it was sand and he responded with an "Oh!". He then looked up and pointed at the ocean and said "And a big pool!!!!" The newness is so fun to watch, that's for sure!!!
Here's a picture of the excitement!
At the end of August we spent a week at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire for our very first 'alone' vacation. Typically what happens is I go on vacation with my mother and father in law and occasionally my sister in law and nephew. My husband stays home and I go off and enjoy time with some fabulous people. We decided to try a vacation together see how it would go. I have to went pretty well! I think we may try it again sometime!!! Lol. See....his parents are all about taking the scenic route and going to zoos and museums and train rides and all 'family fun stuff'. Since I like that too, they let me tag along;) My husband would rather sit on the beach and hit the bar...........boy do I love my in-laws:)
I also started, this summer, with the Post Office delivering mail. That in and of itself is a story and a half!!! I'll probably spare the details.....I just have to say that it is a God given job, that's for sure!!! I'm loving every minute of it and am thrilled that I am once again waking at 5am.....something I haven't been doing since I got pregnant!!! There was a very peaceful still time in my life when I would wake up at 5am, get ready and get to work and be in bed by 9 to read for an hour. I'm almost back on that same schedule and I feel so it's exactly what I needed. There's just something about the sunrise in the morning that makes the whole day that much smoother!
So in a nutshell, that's my summer.:)
Now......on to the weaving!!!!
Phew! With all of this going on, can you believe that I've still found some time to weave!? I've been working on some plaited twill echo weave scarves in 8/2 tencel that are simply amazing. I'm almost finished with the fringe twisting. Usually I don't look at the whole piece until the fringe is twisted....and even then, I wait until all of the pieces from that warp have twisted fringe before I look at them. I just love the whole surprise element in that. I wish I would have taken more pictures of these on the loom. The first one (the only one pictured) is a gift for my sister. Her home decor and favorite colors are blue and orange so, this was a perfect one for her:) I was inspired by Lynette, see her blog here, for the echo weave. I had seen the structure several times recently when looking through magazine and also on Weavolution so, I decided to give it a go. I had tested several tie ups but, ended up going with a point twill. I chose the plaited twill because that happens to be where I am in Bonnie Inoyue's book Exploring Multishaft Design, which I very highly recommend to anyone!!! The fist I wove with royal blue, the second in a bright purple, the third in a taupe (my fave!!! And.....I may keep it for myself!!!), and the fourth in a lighter brighter blue. I promise to get more pictures up asap;)

Well.....I'm off to get a horrible set of towels off of the Compact! I probably should take pictures....they are that bad!


R.L. Delight said…
Great to see you back! If you get an "F" for summer blogging, I get a "D-"! Actually, I should probably get an "F" because I haven't woven anything. I have been too busy moving and recovering from moving.
The scarf looks lovely.

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