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       You know when you make something and the entire process just seems seamless?  Well, that’s how this project played out.  I have some 10/2 tencel that is natural and I dyed a bunch of it over the summer.  I wound off bouts of around 1700 yards each and now know that I would like to make larger skeins so that I can get a couple of scarves using this pattern again...just a bit longer. 

     This picture was taken in natural sunlight of the braid after counting the ends on the warping board.  Let’s get this thing on the loom!      



 I learned a new trick for spreading the warp in the raddle.  Since this is an A B color pattern, it’s important to not separate the colors in the raddle.  To never “separate the twins” makes beaming the warp a piece of cake!  

Another cool trick I learned was to put the warp under tension while beaming.  With a stack of my son’s graphic novels, I had the full six yards beamed in seven minutes!  SEVEN!!!

My absolute favorite part, threading the heddles!  This pattern was a 32 harness network draft in echo weave!   Yum!

The couple of shafts have some heddles that are pretty tight on the harnesses so straightening them out as I go along rally helps out.

And now though the reed!  This first scarf is sett at 36 epi.  Oh...I forgot to mention that the whole purpose of this project is to play with the 10/2 tencel and what is the best sett in a twill. 

Set your tension!  I know that I should probably tie smaller sections but I tend to go for one inch sections.

So here we are with the 10/2 tencel in the warp sett at 36 epi.  The pattern is showing nicely however the fabric is showing predominantly the warp.  I’m really interested in seeing how this plays out.

So there…..cut and continue!  I took off the fist one and resleyed the reed at 30 epi.

This one is sett at 30 epi so it’s a bit wider and less warp dominant but still warp dominant.

Here they are prior to having the fringe twisted and you can really see on the right side how much of a difference the two different setts make in the width.  The 30 epi is much  wider than the 36 epi.

Side by side with the fringe twisted.  Next up, wet finishing to determine the hand!

Oh my gosh!  It’s like buttah! 

I can’t say that I was thrilled with the shorter scarf only because of the length.  The density of the fabric is so drapy, soft, and silky.


 So what happens next?  I certainly need to make a few more of these in different colors and I still haven’t obtained a balanced weave.  I’m getting about 24 to 26 picks per inch.  I’ll try, with the next project, the warp sett at 24 epi and see what happens :)  Until next time!


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