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Some New Stuff In The Store This Week

     It was finally nice enough outside to take some pictures!  It was mid 60’s on Thursday when I took these pictures and then it snowed on and off all day Saturday!  I’m trying to play with lighting inside but have been finding that natural sunlight is the only way to go.  Without further ado... This first scarf is an alpaca silk blend in light and dark brown, green, white, and black lines separating the squares.   This one is the same fiber content with the plaid sections on either end with a long area of white in the center which shows as long stripes. Again, same fiber content (same run, in fact) but this time I just went with a solid white in the weft.  The result is long stripes of dark and light brown, green, and white.  Just above the fringe, I put just a few rows in of color for a little variation.  How about some towels?  These are the ones in the last post.  Black and cream in a checker type pattern using 3/2 mercerized cotton. I’ve had thi

Black and White.....Well, Almost

      Oh my gosh!  No one has to tell me to stay home twice!  Why not make the absolute best of this quarantine and use up as much yarn as I possibly can?  Well, that’s my philosophy right now!  I have a gorgeous yarn rack in my living room that a dear friend made for me for Christmas years ago.  It gets the award for best gift.  Handmade and holds 88 cones of yarn and right up until this week, it was full.  I’ve woven nearly 40 yards of fabric since March and will be posting about each run weekly until I’m caught up.  Honestly, I hope I never get caught up!  I counted empty spots on this cone rack and I had 15 free spaces!!!  I can’t wait to share those projects.  Before I do though.... There is plenty of cotton on my yarn rack both mercerized and unmercerized.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE unmercerized for towels.  The untreated fibers make for fabulous absorption and the more use they get, the better they get.  However, I do have a lot of mercerized as well and it was time to start making