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3/2 Rainbow Cotton Stash Buster Towels

     So as the quarantine stretches on and I have time to finish schoolwork in the early morning hours, I’ve been dedicating some serious extra time planning projects, thinking of ways to get my yarn stash to a manageable level (chances are that may take a couple of years in reality), and sitting at the loom with audiobooks chatting away.  There is a pretty handy yarn tree that I use to see what colors, fibers, and fiber weights I have to work with but, I also have my great grandmother’s hope chest filled with natural coned yarn.  Eventually, the goal is to get the hope chest emptied so I can use it to store something else.  Preferably something that needs to be stored that I don’t want to look at.  So, back to the yarn tree.  I needed to make room.  Which ones could I get rid of quickly?  The 3/2 cotton!!!   I wanted something bright and cheery so why not a rainbow palette?  With the color order laid out, I gave it a go!   As with all weaving projects, ends must be counte


      So while taking classes, it can be very difficult to find the time for sitting down at the loom for a few hours to get a project well under way.  I absolutely must have some type of creative time and knitting is my next in line ‘go to’.  It’s portable, usually light weight, and I don’t need to buy anything.  It’s all right here, accumulated over years of splurge purchases.  Here’s a look at what’s been created! This first little pink loopy small triangular shawl is from Martina Behm.  It’s called Miss Winkle apparently a reference to The Big Bang Theory and she has a great little blurb about it on her website that you can see by clicking here .  I used Miss Bab’s Yummy 2-Ply in Deep Sea Jellyfish because I wanted to stand on line for over an hour at the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival.  No really, that’s a real thing I wanted to do...and I did it!  You can find her gorgeous color ways online by clicking here .  Then there is always crochet!  One of the girls I