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A Little of What has Been Going On

Tons to tell of here at Sunrise: We have found out that Ursula is pregnant after a long waited 6 years!!! Woo hoo!!! Congrats!!! We are so excited for her:)
Chrissy has taken up weaving lessons from yours truly:)
We have acquired yet another loom..........that would be #4:) You can never have too many:)
We are now offering some different products.Okiedokie. With all of that has been an event filled month. Not only did we receive wonderful news of Ursula's pregnancy but, we are in the works of moving forward as a team. I always love to watch the way we work together and fill in each others cracks. I also love to watch us grow in our work. Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio is looking to do a few shows again this summer as well as kick up the production another notch. Sales are up on hand spun yarn and I am hoping for the same with hand wovens come show time. I have opted, at this time, not to open a second Etsy shop for hand wovens. I'm back and forth on this constantly...…