Monday, November 7, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction!

The step in a right direction is any step at all! I've been weaving and designing so much and I really haven't been taking the time to document and post the pictures......ok....ok......there are hardly ANY pictures of my finished work. I make, I sell, I have no picture! I'm really on a quest to change that! really.....I am! :) Look!
So the patterns made me happy. I know for the next run, which will be the same patterns but different colors, I'm going to pack my weft in a little tighter for a test! :) I sampled a small piece at the end of this run and think it's going to work out beautifully!
So! Back to the loom! I have the next run warped and half woven but my loom went ka put and I had to send a piece in for repair. Yuck! So in the meantime I'm going to be weaving some shibori scarves in chenille! Perfect for cold weather! :) Until next time! :)


lilquiz said...

they're fabulous Shannon! One question, how do you weave with the chenille where it doesn't worm?

another artist said...

It's great to see other weavers...I love the patterns. They look very soft.

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

They're beautiful! And you will be so glad you've got pictures. I sold a few pieces early on, no pictures. Really don't like that.