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Woo Hoo!!!

Well, Diana is working!!! The scarves are done!!! And I have the best story in the world to tell!!! Lynnette, if you are reading this.....that DVD that you sent to me.......oh my.....have I got a story!!! It's taking me a bit to write it all down but, I'll post it shortly:) Oh.....and pictures of the scarves when I twist the fringe:)



bspinner said…
I'm happy your Diana is up and working beautifully. Can't wait to see the scarves.
skiingweaver said…
Hooray! Looking forward to the pics!

I liked your earlier comment about looking forward to your next project as you're weaving your current one. I do that, too! Design in my head while weaving - my stash is set up across from my loom in my studio, so I can see all those colors while I'm weaving, and, inevitably, I start thinking about new color combos, etc... Probably also why my max warp length is about 8-9 yards. I have a short attention span. LOL!
Lynnette said…
I can't wait to hear your DVD story you're keeping me in suspence!

I'm so glad your loom is working for you again and am looking forward to seeing those wonderful scarves in their finished state.

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The First Two Twills

For the first scarf, I chose a blue weft and the contrast in color with the burgundy warp is just wonderful.  At different angles, you can see that there is a lot of movement and once it's off the loom and wet finished, it should have an iridescent quality that tencel is almost always known for. 

     For the second scarf, I chose a red-violet weft also in tencel.  The final product will be less dramatic than the first for a more subtle look.  The broken twill pattern is slight breaking the movement in the overall pattern in rectangular blocks.

Now back to the drawing table for two more designs :)

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Still working through the stash of yarn that I already have, I've decided on a run of chenille scarves in red, white and blue!

There is so much to work through in my stash and at the rate I'm going, I may never have to buy yarn again!

I took pictures indoors on a dreary day so the colors don't pop like they would in natural sunlight but you get the idea.  I went with a classic plaid for two and a plain creamy white for the weft in the third.

This was a quick easy plain weave...just trying to cut down the stash!

The weather has finally broken!  An extra month of Winter was a little too much for me so, when I'm not home when I should be home, it's on the trail I am.  Lush green leaves are finally here :)

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The last two scarves are plaited twills.  I started with a silver weft and a strange thing started happening again.  I'm getting little lines of fuzz as I weave on the right hand side of the fabric.  I'm assuming that the reed is doing this and I can't seem to figure out why.  When I wet finish the fabric, the fuzz goes away but I can't seem to figure out why it's happening.  Perhaps it's my beat.

     The last scarf is also a plaited twill this time done in a light sunny yellow for a nice contrast.

Finally...twisting the fringe!

My next project will be another straight draw and I'll probably design in the lift plan to get some more detailed imagery.