Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ahhhhhhh!!! The Holiday Rush!!!

Tis the season!!!

This has been a wonderful year so far and the holidays have just started. We have had several shows this year and I'm happy to say that the last two completely blew my mind!!! It has simply amazed me at how more and more people are buying handmade. I'm not just talking about people who create but, the public as a whole. This truly is wonderful news!!!

We are done with shows for this year so I'm hoping to update this blog again on a weekly basis. For right now I just wanted to share some photos:) That's the best part anyway, right? :)
Peach Fizz:) Mmmmmmmmm!!! Go Urs!!!
Root beer Float!!! Mmmmmmm!!! Go Urs......ummmm....I'm noticing a pattern here;)
Jewels:) For someone special, I'm sure;)
Some of the yarn out on display:)

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