Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's up?!?!?!?

Some wacky stuff is going on behind the scenes. We have decided to go full fledge in the yarn market and create a line of yarns!!! What!?!?!?! This is so much fun. We are hand painting roving in wool and wool blends then spinning. Our first line will be called 'Color Codes'. Here are some results.
This yarn is now available on Etsy!!!

Also, and I may be ahead of myself a little here, if the EtsyFAST challenge for October is the elements, the first in the series is done. FIRE!!!

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Knitted Gems said...

I love your Fire yarn. It looks similar to the yarn I am knitting a stole up with right now. Hopefully, I'll get in done in time for the October challenge (assuming we win the war for Elements).